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Get Paid to Wait – How to capture dividend income opportunities

mer, settembre 7, 12.00 - 12.40
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The year 2022 has challenged investors and their general view about market dynamics. Geopolitical uncertainties, supply chain issues and high inflation figures, which forced central banks to end their accommodative stance to tame it, are all obstacles investors are facing. However, those obstacles can also be turned into great opportunities. Join Ross McSkimming, abrdn’s Senior Investment Specialist, will discuss and explore the reason why a focus on high dividend growers can be a favourable strategy in 2022. Furthermore, he will give a market outlook and an overview of the types of dividend strategies there are and how they differentiate. Lastly, he will introduce you to our approach and how our Global Dynamic Dividend strategy makes a difference.



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Ross McSkimming

Ross McSkimming, senior investment specialist for the abrdn equity fund range, is responsible for the commercialisation and development of the equity asset class. He works alongside the equity investment team and his primary role is to ensure that clients and consultants have clarity on the philosophy, process and investment positioning of this growing asset class. By understanding the changing needs of different groups of investors, he is in charge of developing new equity strategies and customised investment solutions for wholesale and institutional clients globally.

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