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Trading with technical analysis: learning to read graphic signals of indicators

Data e ora
mer, settembre 19
18.00 - 20.00
Hotel Victoria
Centralbahnplatz 3
4002 - Basel
Lingua e categoria

Indicators are mathematical constructions. In technical analysis, these mathematical constructions use and process data primarily on the trends in the exchanged prices of a financial security in order to predict the future performance of its market prices. Together with graphic patterns, they complete the range of instruments used in technical analysis. There are a large number of these, and the creativity of the analysts will produce others. In this seminar, after a brief introduction to the basic rules of technical analysis, Massimo Salezze will explain the aims of its use as well as which signals can be read from the following indicators:

  • Moving averages (do not underestimate them, they are simple but important)
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  • Directional Movement Index (DMI)

The seminar is divided into two parts:

1) In the first part, we will analyse the construction of the indicator, its purpose and learn what signals it can generate.

2) In the second part, we will analyse in real time the situation on different instruments (at least one example on Forex and one on CFD) using the CornèrTrader platform. Specifically, we will add each examined indicator to the chart and analyse the tools for trading tips. By analysing both FX and CFD instruments it is possible not only to learn the correlations between instruments, but also to observe how technical analysis remains unchanged for all financial instruments.

NB: The seminar is free, however the number of participants is limited. Register online and your Relationship Manager will confirm your attendance.


Salezze Massimo

After successfully completing his Bachelor Degree in Economics of Markets and Financial Intermediaries at Cattolica University, Massimo Salezze chose to pursue his studies through an exchange program with Åbo Akademi in Finland. Having obtained his M.Sc. in Economics in 2007, he then moved to Copenhagen where he began his career directly on the Trading Floor of Saxo Bank AS, as Global Sales Trader. Four years later he covered the position as Head of Sales Trading at Saxo Bank Italy in Milan, and remained there for 15 months.

In 2012 he moved to the trading desk in Zurich, taking the position of First Vice President.

At present he is Product Specialist for CornèrTrader, offering eCommerce solutions to HNW clients in multi-asset class markets (Foreign Exchange, Futures, Commodities, CFDs, as well as Shares and Bonds). With a 10+ years track record in financial markets, Massimo Salezze is specialized in the FX Spot & Options Market. As FX dealer he has been an international member of the ACI Financial Markets Association since 2008 and he is active in that role also in Switzerland.

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