Where in the world do you want to trade today? CornèrTrader puts you in direct contact with more than 22 of the world’s major stock exchanges. That means you can trade over 18,400 global stocks from your desktop or mobile device. Whether you’re focused on a specific industry or region, or seek broader diversification, CornèrTrader gives you easy access to equities.

Global Reach

Europe. Asia. The U.S. At CornèrTrader, we put a worldwide network in action for you – with a single platform for building and managing your desired portfolio.

Full Tool Kit

Risk management tools. World-class technical and fundamental analytics. They’re all at hand as you plan and execute your trades.

Flexible and Focused

Your work. Your way. CornèrTrader not only gives you access to trading but allows you to adapt our flexible features to the way you like to work.

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Build your portfolio on our platform

CornèrTrader provides you with the feature-rich working environment you require as you weigh risk against potential rewards. From the vantage point of a single trading account, you get direct access to the world’s stock markets. You also gain the opportunity to hedge and/or diversify your Stock portfolio, with the ability to trade many other asset classes from the same platform. In addition to more than 18,400 Stocks, you can trade 1,500 Exchange Traded Funds, FX, Futures, and CFDs on multiple types of assets.  


Shorting Stocks

Shorting is an important part of many trading strategies and CornèrTrader allows you to do so on the Stocks of over 7,500 companies. Use Single Stock CFDs (Contracts for Difference) traded OTC (Over the Counter) on our trading platforms. With our Index-tracking CFDs, you’re also able to get exposure to broader markets by buying or selling (short) entire indices – with a single click. By trading underlying companies via CFDs intraday, you’re able to save on overnight borrowing and financing costs. (Read more about the benefits of CFDs.)


Free real time prices

As a client of CornèrTrader, you’re able to subscribe to real-time data from all exchanges (one level or multiple levels). If you’re making at least four Stock trades per month on the particular exchange, then Level 1 data is free.


Multiple Order types

As you trade, you can utilise a range of order types, including Market orders, Limit, Stop and Trailing Stop orders with GTC (Good-Till-Cancelled) feature attached. If you’re a more advanced Stock trader, you can benefit by applying Algorithmic orders.


Smart order routing

You benefit from the fastest and highest level of execution because CornèrTrader applies Smart Order Routing to all Stock orders. The process is enabled for all Stocks as well as all Single Stock CFDs offered for trading.


Stocks as collateral for margin trading

Trading Stocks online with CornèrTrader makes you automatically eligible to use a percentage of your investment collateral for margin trading of Forex, Futures and CFDs – all from your single multi-asset account.


Streaming news

Staying up to date is key to trading. We provide you with real-time financial news from some of the industry’s most trusted newswires, including Dow Jones Newswires and Market News International. You can also get an instant snapshot of the day’s biggest gainers and losers on 22 global stock exchanges with our Market Movers tool.


Add Perspective with Technical Analysis

We give you a clearer view on where opportunity might lie, with Charting tools and Technical Analysis resources.


Advanced, built-in charting package

Charts are core to a trader’s workflow. That’s why CornèrTrader offers an advanced charting package as part of its trading platform. You also have access to external technical analysis tools, including the Technical Event® lookup and Technical Event® Screener. Use them to help identify possible entry and exit points for trades, supporting in-depth technical analysis on your favourite Stocks.


Use advanced charts to:

  •  Enjoy the free charting package as a fully integrated part of CornèrTrader’s platform.
  • Access charts on all 18,400+ Stocks.
  • Perform order management directly from the chart.
  • Customise, with free form drawing and export functions.
  • Reference 60 technical analysis indicators within the charting tool.


Technical Analysis tool

Enjoy even greater ease as you analyse Stocks. Use our Technical Analysis tool to get automated identification and notification of changes in a Stock’s activity. Find new trading opportunities, set up alerts and receive notification when specific technical events occur.