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a way to benefit from
short-term crypto volatility


With Crypto FX, benefit from the movements of cryptocurrencies against majors currencies in rising and falling markets, by going long and short.

Easy access from the FLEXibility and Advance platforms. No need to open a dedicated account or wallet.

Clear pricing, no minimum commissions.

Trade crypto as a forex currency pair

Avoid the hassle to exchange the crypto against other currencies when you want to realise your position. By using leverage you can amplify your investments, but be careful that the same can also happen with the losses. Be risk free from cyberattacks.

You choose the size of the transaction

Crypto FX are ideal also for small size trades. You can trade crypto in fraction of coins or in full amount. The cryptocurrencies we offer are Bitcoin and Ethereum traded against USD, EUR and JPY.

Swiss security

Be sure of every trade. Cornèrtrader delivers trading power along with peace of mind as one of Switzerland's soundest banks - providing fund protection of up to 100.000 CHF.

A selection of spreads (PIP)

  • 190
  • 13.5
  • 172
  • 12.7

Crypto FX are activated on demand, upon certain eligibility characteristics.
Please contact us here for further details



 multi-devicesKey Features to known


Crypto FX operates like a normal Forex pair, however, with some differences given by the nature of the underlying.


Trading hours

Crypto FX are traded 24/h, 5 days per week - from Sunday 18:00 (ET or Eastern Time) until Friday 17:00 (Eastern Time). As liquidity is normally thin when the market approaches the closure, one minute prior, the Crypto FX prices will stop to be streamed and remain untradeable for 6 minutes. The general crypto market will remain open during the weekend, therefore, it is recommended to adjust the exposures on Crypto FX before market closure on Friday. The Crypto FX trading hours follow the CME holiday calendar.



The P/L of Crypto currency is settled in the fiat (secondary) currency and converted in the base currency of your account in case you are using different currencies.



If the positions on Crypto FX are kept over night, they will also be subject to the rollover costs. Please visit here to find more details on the roll over rates for Crypto FX.


Margin requirements and net exposure

As the cryptocurrencies market is highly volatile, the margin requirements and net exposure of the Crypto FX differs from the other FX crosses. We invite to visit the trading conditions in the platform for the details.

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