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Expand your investment universe with Cornèrtrader ETFs, ETNs & ETCs



Cornèrtrader offers you the possibility to diversify your portfolio in a cost-effective and efficient way by investing in ETFs, ETNs, ETCs and ETPs.

Their underlying are indexes of equities, commodities, bonds or even cryptocurrencies, giving you access to a greater exposure than you would normally obtain.

Global Access

Get full access to ETFs, ETNs, ETPs and ETCs from the most prestigious providers such as iShares Blackrock, 21Shares or UBS.

Transparent prices

When trading Exchange Traded Products on the Cornèrtrader platforms, you will get significant cost benefits thanks to our transparent conditions.

Quality execution

Benefit from a wide range of order types, including Market, Limit, Stop and Algorithmic orders.

A selection of our pricing

  • 0.07%
    Swiss Exchange
  • 0.07%
    Frankfurt Stock Exchange_XETRA
  • 1.5*
    NASDAQ Global market
  • 1.5*
  • 0.12%
    Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • *1.5 cents per share

Strategies of the Exchange Traded Products

The strategy of the fund can be smart Beta, Currency hedged (or not), targeting small or mid-caps, thematic etc. Furthermore, the distribution policy can vary among ETPs: some distribute the dividend, and others reinvest it. There are also some funds that have leverage (x2 or x3) and can benefit from falling markets (short).

A similar classification can be done for Fixed income funds. The exposure can be in Government bonds, corporate bonds or cash (money market products).

Further information about investment strategy and risk can be found in the KID available on our platforms.  


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