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Lower costs, convenience & efficiency


Cornèrtrader gives you access through its platforms to fully digitalized international corporate and government bonds, eliminating the costs and time consuming process of the traditional bonds trading.

This enables Cornèrtrader to offer you transparent prices and fast execution within the second.


Fully digitalised and fast execution

Cornèrtrader gives you digital access to multiple liquidity sources and automatically directs your order to the provider, offering the best execution price.

Transparent and attractive prices

When trading bonds on the Cornèrtrader platforms, you will get significant cost benefits thanks to our transparent pricing and execution.

Global Access

Worldwide access to OTC, government and corporate bonds from US, Europe and selected high yield and emerging markets including LATAM, APAC and MENA.

Bonds pricing (%)

  • 0.20
    Private trader
  • 0.10
    Capital trader



With Cornèrtrader, you can use up to 95% of your bonds portafolio as collateral to trade margin products.

You can also transfer an existing bond portfolio to your  Cornèrtrader account and use it as well as collateral for margin trading. The value of collateral given by a bond line depends on the rating of the bond.

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