Invest in cryptocurrencies

Invest easily in Bitcoins with no cybersecurity and storage risks. You can trade Bitcoins through Bitcoin Tracker One and Bitcoin Tracker EURO, allowing you to take the full advantage from their strong price movement without physically owning them.

Bitcoin Tracker One and Bitcoin Tracker EURO are Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) of recent issue that reflect the movement of Bitcoin against the US Dollar (BTC/USD). 


Advantages of trading Bitcoins with CornèrTrader


Fast access from the platform to the most volatile and liquid of the cryptocurrencies


No obligations of owning Bitcoins but you can fully profit from their price movement


Transparent and competitive conditions

How to find them in the platform

Search for "Bitcoin" under Trading and the two ETNs will appear in the research list. Bitcoin Tracker One is traded in SEK (Swedish krona), while Bitcoin Tracker EURO is quoted in EURO. Both are issued by XBT Provider AB and traded on the Nasdaq OMX (Stockholm). 

Bitcoins in the platform

In order to activate the price on the ETNs, the live prices on the Nasdaq (Stockholm) under the Subscription tool will need to be enabled.






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Nasdaq OMX Stockholm
No custody fees
No custody fees
No custody fees

What is an Exchange Traded Note (ETN)

It is a debt note issued by an underwriting bank and traded usually on an Exchange. ETNs have a maturity date and can be sold short. ETNs don't own any underlying assets of the indices or benchmarks they track but they reflect their movement.

ETNs provide investors returns of various market benchmarks and are usually linked to their performance or a strategy. When held to maturity, the investor will receive a cash payment linked to the performance of the corresponding index for the period going from the beginning of the trade date till the maturity, minus fees.


Product type: Certificate (Exchange Traded Note)
Symbols: BITCOIN_XBT:xome (SEK) / BITCOIN_XBTE:xome (EUR)
Exchange: Nasdaq (Stockholm)
Issuer: XBT Provider AB (publ)
Underlying asset: Bitcoin nominated in USD
Leverage: 1:1
Expiry date: Open-ended