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Which types of FX Options does Cornèrtrader offer?

With Cornèrtrader you can trade European FX VANILLA type of OTC options.

You can trade FX OTC options from the Trade ticket in the Option tab or in the Option Chain module.

Cornèrtrader lets you both buy and sell Forex options Cornèrtrader.



FX Vanilla Options

A Vanilla option is a derivative financial instrument. The buyer of the option has the right – but has no obligation – either to buy ("Call") or sell ("Put") a given notional amount of a currency pair at a specified price ("Strike price") on a stated future date (“Expiry date”). If the buyer of the option chooses to “exercise” his right the seller has a matching obligation to fulfil the transaction.

There are two methods of exercise: cash or spot; the default is spot.
In the money options (ITM) are automatically exercised by the system, while out of the money options (OTM) are expired worthless.
Note that you can close the option any time without waiting for the expiry date, but being European style, the exercise will only happen at the expiry date at 10 am EST.

Important: short positions in Vanilla options entail greater risk than long positions. Their potential for loss is unlimited. With a long position, instead, the maximum loss is the premium paid.