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How can I review the transactions that have taken place on my account?

To keep track of the transactions that have taken place on your account, you may refer to:

  • Activity Log (in Cornèrtrader and Cornèrtrader web);
  • Trade Blotter (in Cornèrtrader);
  • The Trades Executed report (in Cornèrtrader and Cornèrtrader web);
  • The Trades Booked (in Cornèrtrader and Cornèrtrader web);
  • Account Statement (in Cornèrtrader and Cornèrtrader web).


Activity Log

The activity log records activity on your account and the log entries can be viewed and searched. This makes it useful for connecting e.g., to connect order executions to creation of trades. A set of predefined search criteria, such as period and type of activity, is available for straightforward searching in the log.


Trade Blotter (in Cornèrtrader)

In the Trade Blotter in Cornèrtrader you can view up to 14 days of trade executions. New executions will appear in real time. You can easily export the view to Excel.


Trades Executed Report

The trades executed report provides an overview of opened and closed positions on your account. The overview lists all trading activity.

In Cornèrtrader: go to the "Account" tab, select "Trade Reports".

In Cornèrtrader web: go to the "Account" tab, look under "Reports".


Trades Booked Report

The trades booked report provides an overview of trades booked. The overview gives an itemised list of all trading activities that have resulted in a change to the account.


Account Statement

In the account statement you can see profit and losses from trading activities booked to the account. (You can also see fund transfers to the accounts, fund withdrawals from the account, commissions, dividends, and interest).


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