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Problems accessing Account Summary, Charts and other Cornèrtrader modules

To display the different types of information (prices, charts, chat, etc., all sourced from different servers) the platform communicates with many servers. In some cases, your local security settings will block the trading platform from communicating with one or more of these servers. This causes the problems you are seeing.

Follow the instructions below to allow the platform to reach the required servers.

Delete Temporary Internet Files:

1. Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options;


2. On the General tab press Delete… under Browsing history;


3. Choose to delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and press Delete.


If you are still having problems, try to:

Add Trusted Sites

To add Trusted Sites open: Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > navigate to the Security tab > highlight Trusted Sites and press Sites.


Remove the tick from “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone”
Then add the following addresses by typing them under Add this website to the zone:

Press Close and restart Internet Explorer. Now go to: and check if you are able to access and view Account summary.

If Account summary still does not work try to Reset Internet Explorer

To reset Internet Explorer go to Tools > Internet Option > Advanced > press Reset…


Press Reset once more (note it is not necessary to delete personal settings).


Now restart Internet Explorer, go to: and hopefully this will have solved your problem.