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What are the network environment requirements for Cornèrtrader?

Cornèrtrader Platform communicates with a set of remote servers in order to function properly. As a minimum requirement, in order to fully utilize the trading application, port 80 and port 443 need to be opened to several servers for HTTP and HTTPS traffic respectively. Best performance is achieved if port 1001 is also opened for TLS traffic to mitslive.iitech.dk (and mitssimul.iitech.dk if using the Simulation environment).

If you’re relying on HTTP or HTTPS through a proxy server, the trading application provides the following options:

  • Auto detect proxy settings (Windows settings);
  • Use a specific proxy server (application specific settings).

When using a specific proxy server, the application also allows you to specify corresponding server address information and authentication settings for the proxy.

Remember: most users will not need to make any changes to their Network Environment for Cornèrtrader to run optimally, though it is common for anyone using the platform behind a corporate firewall to have to make changes in their network environment.


Other requirements

You must have a "PDF reader" to generate your financial reports in PDF format.