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How do I download Cornèrtrader?

If you already have a Live Trading Account or a Demo Account with us but need to download the Cornèrtrader platform again, click here: Windows version or Mac version.



And click RUN on the following dialog box:


 If you don´t have an account yet, you can apply for one here:

Once you have installed the software, please login with your ID and Password.
If you have any issue or question, please call us from one of your telephone numbers registered with us.

Note: You can always access your account through our online Cornèrtrader Web platform. Simply go to (link) and login with your User ID and Password.


The Trade Server could not be reached


If, when you log in to Cornèrtrader, you get the error message above, follow the steps below:


1) Make sure your Internet connection is working normally. Open your browser and try to visit any website, possibly one you don't have in your recent navigation history. See if it loads without any problems;

2) Look at the Cornèrtrader connection settings following the instruction available here: (insert appropriate Cornèrtrader URL);

3) Reboot the router. Some routers have an on/off power button, but mostly you have to simply unplug the power cable for about 20 seconds. After you plug the router back in, wait a couple of minutes for the connection to be re-established. Then try logging in again.

4) Make sure our platform is included among your Firewall/Antivirus SW’s trusted applications. Note: when you add Cornèrtrader, also look for IitClientStation2.


Failed to establish connection, protocol auto detection failed


If, when logging in to Cornèrtrader, you get this message and previously you have been using Cornèrtrader on this machine without problems, the cause is probably a temporary connectivity issue.

First check that you are connected to the Internet. Open your browser and go to any website to see if it loads without any problems. Try different pages and if you think your Internet is fine, please contact us.


My Account Summary is not loading


To display the different types of information (prices, charts, chat, etc., all sourced from different servers) the platform communicates with many servers. In some cases, your local security settings will block the trading platform from communicating with one or more of these servers. This causes the problems you are seeing.

Error Accessing Content


You get the message Error Accessing Content on the Account Summary or other modules on the Cornèrtrader platforms.

From the Start button, go to Control Panel and find the Internet Options menu. You can also find the menu directly from an Internet Explorer page from the Tools icon.
Once in the Internet Options window, find the Advanced tab, and in the list of Settings find the Security group. Tick the boxes next to Use TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2

Click on Apply and OK. Close your browsers and restart the platform.