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Generate a Problem report from Cornèrtrader

In some cases Cornèrtrader Account Services might ask you to provide a Problem Report. This report gives us the necessary information to investigate the problem you are having on the Cornèrtrader platform, and it includes:

  • The Log Files
  • Your Workspace

In order to generate a problem report, go to the login window > click on Change Connection Settings > General Create problem report.

Press Save > Save it on your Desktop. Now login, go to Contact Support and submit your query there including the files.

Before generating the report, please make sure that there is a tick in Enable detailed system logging. It will always be ticked on unless you have ticked it off yourself. If it's not there, please re-tick the box, then click Apply, log out from the platform, log in again and work with it for some time, until the problem occurs again. And only then generate the problem report.