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Cornèrtrader - Firewall/Proxy Communications

Cornèrtrader communicates with a set of remote servers in order to function properly.
Please find below the list of addresses and ports that may need to be added to your firewall/proxy setup to allow for outgoing communications on ports 1001, 443 and 80.

Note: below, IP addresses etc. needs to be switched to Cornèrtrader relevant.

Core services:                       Authentication Server (SIM) (sim.logonvalidation.net)                       Authentication Server (LIVE) (live.logonvalidation.net)
mitssimul.iitech.dk:1001/443     Trade Server (SIM)
mitslive.iitech.dk:1001/443         Trade Server (LIVE)
mitsweb.iitech.dk:443                 Updates/Web reports
Additional services:             Charts (cf-charts.iitech.dk)           News (iitechnews.acquiremedia.com)           Price Alert Server (LIVE) (palive.iitech.dk)           Price Alert Server (SIM) (pasim.iitech.dk)*         TradeMaker/Webconnect (LIVE) (www.onlinewebconnect.com)*         TradeMaker/Webconnect (SIM) (sim.onlinewebconnect.com)               Help pages (help.iitech.dk)

As a minimum requirement, in order to fully utilize the trading application, port 443 and port 80 need to be open to the servers listed above for HTTPS and HTTP traffic respectively.

*This URL is accelerated in some regions and the IP address and/or URL may differ from the one listed.
We also recommend that you clear the cache of your proxy to ensure that it is using the latest details.
Most users will not need to make any changes to their Network Environment for Cornèrtrader to run optimally, though it is common for anyone using the platform from behind a corporate firewall to have to make changes in their network environment.