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I get a Critical Error when loading my Cornèrtrader (downloadable) workspace

The error message indicates that the current workspace has unfortunately been corrupted and is no longer useable. Please follow the instructions below.


1. Load a blank workspace by skipping the current corrupted one


1) Open the platform. At the login screen type in your User ID and Password. DO NOT CLICK OK YET.


2) HOLD down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and then press LOGIN. Keep the Shift key held down until a blank workspace opens.


3) You can now build a new workspace or click the File menu > New > Workspace if you would like to use one of our default templates.

If you have put time and effort into customizing the previous (now corrupt) workspace, it may be possible to retrieve a working backup copy of it. If you would like to try, please follow the steps below:


2. Try to retrieve a backup copy of your old workspace 


1) Log out and close the platform. Open the folder where your workspace is located (the file has the extension .cs2 and the default location is "My Documents"). Please delete or rename the file.


2) In the same folder, look for the backup workspace. It is the file that has the same name as the workspace you normally work with, but with extension .bs2 (i.e. if your workspace is called myworkspace1.cs2, then you should have an automatically generated backup workspace named myworkspace1.bs2).

NOTE: if you do not see any file ending with .bs2 in the folder, it may because it is a hidden file. To show hidden files go to MY PC or COMPUTER and On Windows 8 or later: go to VIEW > and tick HIDDEN ITEMS


3) Right click the .bs2 file and choose Rename, change the extension of the file from .bs2 into .cs2


4) Finally, double click the file to start the platform. It will try to load the backup workspace. If successful, Save any changes when you exit the platform.

Remember, we recommend that you save your workspace on an external back-up device.