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AEX Index Daily Options - how do I find the right expiry?

There are three option types available: daily, weekly and monthly:

  • Daily options have two active expiries: the same day and the next day (except on Thursdays and Fridays);
  • Weekly options have four active expiries: first, second, fourth and fifth week of the month;
  • Monthly options expire on the third Friday of the month.

That gives you a wide range of active expiries on any given day; for example, on a Monday, you will be able to trade one of the two active daily options, either one expiring the same day or the next day, Tuesday. Also, you could trade one of the weekly options or the monthly option for an expiry on any Friday during the month. On a Thursday, you would only have one daily option available: the one expiring on the same day, Thursday. This is because the "Friday" expiry is covered by the weekly option. Also, if the Friday happens to be the third Friday in the month, you will not find a weekly option available for that - because that expiry date is covered by the monthly option.