General faq

How can I withdraw my money?

Cornèrtrader offers exclusively a TradersCard that is linked to your trading account making you able to withdraw your money instantly from any ATM counter.
Read more. Alternatively you can contact your account executive, who will make sure to transfer your money as soon as possible.

How do I fund my account?

You can fund your trading account by sending your funds to the Cornèr Bank IBAN we provided you when you opened your Cornèrtrader account.

How are my funds guaranteed?

All deposits with Cornèrtrader are guaranteed by Esisuisse with up to CHF100,000. Corner Bank is the largest bank in the Canton of Ticino and is one of the TOP 3 most solid banks in Switzerland.

What account types do you offer?

We offer Private Trader, Capital Trader and Pro trader accounts. Read more

What differentiates your accounts?

Our accounts offering is both differentiated in price and service. The more you deposit and the more you trade, the better prices you will get. Read more. You can choose from a simple online account to a dedicated and experienced account manager- sales trader to help you with our investments. We look at the activity and account assets to tailor make a pricing that suits you.

What is the minimum funding?

Cornèrtrader does not have any minimum standards in terms of first funding.

What products can I trade?

You can trade Forex, CFDs, Stocks, commodities, options, funds, as well as stock options and bonds.

Where is the account based?

Your account will be opened in Switzerland, with Cornèr Bank as the custodian bank.

Do you provide trading systems?

Not for the moment.

Does your trading platform work on Mac, iPad and iPhone?

Yes, you can trade from almost all devices.

Can I transfer my stocks?

Yes, you can transfer stocks in to your online trading platform from your current broker/bank. We aid you with stock transfers even when you may decide to close your account with us.

Can I use my securities for trading collateral?

Yes, we enable collateral for most cash products in the system. The percentage of the value of each security to use as collateral is dependent upon our internal risk rating, lowing a certain percentage of the notional value to be available as collateral for margin trading.

Can I call you for support or other questions?

Yes, you can during working days. Just contact us via phone or online chat. We are available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6.30 pm. Outside these hours our lines and chats will be unavailable. Our client service is also available in Russian.

Click here for all contact options

Do you offer advisory service?

No, at the moment we only help clients on products, understanding and executing your trading and investment views.

How can I download the platform for demo and live account access?

Cornèrtrader comes in 3 variations. The most comprehensive one is the stand-alone software, which you can download by clicking here. If you are already signed up for a demo account, please click here. If you are already signed up as a client, please click here.

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