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Invest platform

The platform explained in 5 minutes

The Invest platform has removed all the sophistications and has been tailor-made to specifically suit the needs of investors. It provides the necessary functionalities and information required to successfully implement your investment strategy. Cross-device functionalities allow you to monitor your portfolio wherever you are and from any device, thus ensuring you are always in touch with your investments. Prices of more than 30’000 financial instruments spanning stocks, ETF’s, mutual funds and bonds are streamed in the Invest platform.

Your easy and comprehensive investment platform to successfully implement your investment strategy:

Market Intelligence

Investment themes

Get inspired by up-to-date investment themes and topics analysts focus on and get an easy overview of the products linked to the themes of your interest.

Mutual Funds

Cornèrtrader gives you access to over 600 mutual funds, giving you the freedom to select the fund that best matches your investment criteria and broadens your asset base.

Sector and screeners

Sector overviews and product screeners help you navigate among the products and identify the ones that best suit your investment strategy.

Stocks and Mutual funds fundamentals

Wider range of fundamentals, analysis and ratings on over 80’000 stocks worldwide provided by FactSet and mutual funds ratings from Morningstar.

Portfolio OVERVIEW

Full portfolio overview of your investments.

Cornèrtrader FLEXibility platform

FLEXibility Platform

Explore the features and functionality of our multi-asset platform.

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Cornèrtrader's Commissions

Here are our commissions scheme for the most traded financial products.

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