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Advance Platform

The Advance Platform offers traders, investors and brokers advanced customization options and features. The trading platform runs as a software on your Windows PC or MAC, has multi-screen support and provides you with innovative margin tools for improved risk management. Our Advance platform is also available in Russian.

A complete work station for your workflow. Use our platforms to support your action plan:

Before you trade

News and Analysis

Receive free real-time news from leading providers directly via news streams. Filter the news stream by industry, asset class, theme, region or country and receive only the news most relevant to you.

Financial Calendar

All important data and events of the major economies always in view. You can filter the events displayed chronologically according to date, time period and country.

Technical Analysis

Offers built-in, easy-to-use tools for harnessing the benefits of technical analysis in building a market strategy and maintaining trading discipline.

While trading

Customizable Working Environment

The modular design allows the trader to customize their working environment and use up to six monitors simultaneously. Design your workplace according to your needs and preferences: The trading modules with their tickets, charts and analyses can be displayed separately or combined with the account overview.

Order Types

Place orders and monitor positions anywhere you go. Stop orders and trailing stops can be implemented to limit risk overnight, or even from intraday volatility. Stop orders are available across desktop, web and mobile trading.

Price Board

Integrating all trading products into a single trade module, the price board in the Advance platform allows you to monitor market prices for many instruments from a single price list, and trade directly on these live prices, with one or 2 clicks trading (in the latter you need to confirm before acceptance of the order).

Additional Features

  • Market-Depth-Trading (requires the purchase of real-time data Level 2)
  • Daytrading: Time & Sales
  • Automated buy orders (algorithm orders), including USA Pre-Market
  • Option chain / Option chain
  • Option Strategy Builder: Creating individual option combinations
  • Multiple Charts Layout (up to 4 x 4)

Post-trade analysis

Account Summary

In your Account menu, you will find an overview of your posted trades, trades, open positions and an account summary. Open positions are displayed and constantly updated in real time both here in the account overview and in the Open Positions module.

Portfolio Management Tool

With the integrated portfolio management tool, you can keep an eye on your trading activities in real time. You can also view your past activities as well as a comprehensive profit-loss analysis.

Innovative Risk Management Tools

With our specially tailored risk management tools, you have your risks under control. This includes margin breakdown per underlying and you receive margin alerts as a push message

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Cornèrtrader's Commissions

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