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Cornèrtrader provides the platform you need, whether you are a trader or an investor. You can choose from Invest, FLEXibility or Advance platforms and access the entire investment product universe to best suit your individual investments and trading needs.

Sign up for our free demo account and trade with virtual money to get a comprehensive overview of the markets and products available in any of our multi-asset platforms before activating a real account.



  • Platform specifically designed for investors
  • Equities, ETF’s, mutual funds and bonds are in focus
  • Intuitive, modern and user-friendly interface
  • Cross-device functionalities that enable you to access your investments wherever you are
  • Investment themes, sector coverage, product screeners and technical charts
  • Wide range of fundamentals and ratings for mutual funds and equities, analysis of the daily best and worst performing instruments
  • Consolidated and concise portfolio overview and order tracking systems

FLEXibility platform


  • Ideal for traders and investors who are looking for an easy-to-use platform or are often on the move
  • Simple, modern & user-friendly
  • Cross-device platform: trade from your smartphone, tablet and desktop
  • Single-screen support: max. 2 monitors
  • Chart-trading: Trading by Chart Analysis
  • Max. 4 charts limitation
  • Automated buy orders (algorithm orders), including USA Pre-Market
  • Access to market analyses & news, financial calendar
  • Complete product range

ADVANCE platform

  • Ideal for experienced active traders, brokers and investors
  • Extensive customization options & extended functions
  • Multi-screen support: max. 6 monitors
  • Chart-Trading: Trading by Chart Analysis
  • Market-Depth-Trading (requires the purchase of real-time data Level 2)
  • Algorithm orders, including USA Pre-Market
  • Innovative risk management tools
  • Complete product range

The Basics of Trading Platforms

Cornèrtrader Commissions

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