Forex spot & forward

Invest in 165 currency pairs and rely on excellent tools and dedicated liquidity.

*A certain deposit amount, trading frequency and/or volume are required to apply for the Fee based profile.

165 FX currency pairs

Invest in minor, major and exotic currency pairs, precious metals or a combination of them.

Trading from chart

Handle quotes and net positions directly on the chart. Conditional orders are shown with a plotted line.

Dedicated liquidity

Take advantage of our dedicated liquidity - in major Forex, for example, EUR/USD up to EUR 25,000,000.

Trading signals

Access market research based on technical analyses and receive trading signals via the iCornèr App.

Forex forward: additional trading conditions

When the value date of an open forward outright position is equal to the current spot value date, it will be treated as a normal spot position. Therefore, positions held at the end of a trading day (5.00 p.m. EST) are rolled forward to the next available business day.

Read more about T/N rollover

Closed forward outright positions are netted out when the value date of the position is equal to the current spot value date, for example, the position is changing from a forward position to a spot position.

Forward value date: Up to 1 year

Risks related to investments in Forex

All Forex instruments, including FX forwards, as all derivate products, use leverage and carry a higher risk of losing more than your deposit. Therefore, it is important you understand the products and the related risks, use a moderate approach, and keep sufficient collateral in the account when you invest in them.




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