Index-tracking CFDs

Gain exposure to the world's largest stock indices with minimum capital commitment and lower risk.

*A certain deposit amount, trading frequency and/or volume are required to apply for the PRO/VIP profile.

19 index-tracking CFDs

Index-tracking CFDs offer cost-effective market exposure because they do not require buying and selling individual shares.
  • CFD US Tech 100 Nas USNAS100.I
  • CFD US 500 US500.I
  • CFD US 30 Wall Street US30.I
  • CFD Switzerland 20 SWISS20.I
  • CFD Germany 40 GER40.I
  • CFD Germany Mid-Cap 50 GER50MID.I
  • CFD Germany Tech 30 GERTECH30.I
  • CFD EU Stocks 50 EU50.I
  • CFD Japan 225 JP225.I
  • CFD Hong Kong HK50.I
  • CFD Australia 200 AUS200.I
  • CFD France 40 FRA40.I
  • CFD Spain 35 SPAIN35.I
  • CFD Portugal 20 PORT20.I
  • CFD Denmark 25 DEN25.I
  • CFD Sweden 30 SWE30.I
  • CFD Norway 25 NOR25.I
  • CFD Netherlands 25 NETH25.I

No additional commissions

Low pricing and tight spreads

Small exposure

Trade global indices with minimum 1 unit and increments of 1

Short selling

Benefit from falling markets by selling the index

High leverage 100:1

Maximum exposure with minimal capital requirements

Index as a hedge of your portfolio exposure

Protect your portfolio from falling markets, especially if it contains investments with a low level of diversification.

Fractional trading

We offer fractional trading on several CFD index trackers. In the trading conditions on the platform, you can see whether fractional trading is available for the individual instrument.

Risks related to investments in these products

All these products, like all derivate instruments, leverage with a higher risk of losing more than your deposit. Therefore, it is important to understand the products and the associated risks, use a moderate approach and keep sufficient collateral in the account when investing in them.




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