CFDs on single stocks

Are you seeking ways to invest in both rising and falling markets? Investing in CFDs as single stocks and ETFs can be a good way to do that!

*cents per CFD

**A certain deposit amount, trading frequency and/or volume are required to apply for the PRO/VIP profile.

9,000 CFDs on single stocks

Invest in more than 9,000 CFDs on single stocks from the world's leading financial markets.

19 exchanges worldwide

Word major exchanges in 19 countries, including US, Asia and Canada.
  • Switzerland SIX Swiss stock exchange
  • USA Nasdaq
  • USA New York Stock Exchange (Nyse)
  • USA NYSE Amex and Arca
  • Germany Xetra
  • UK LSE
  • UK LSE International IOB (with Bats)
  • Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Australia Australian Securities Exchange
  • Austria Vienna Stock Exchange
  • Spain BME Spanish Stock Exchange
  • Italy Borsa Italiana
  • France Euronext exchange
  • Belgium Euronext exchange
  • Netherland Euronext exchange
  • Ireland Euronext exchange
  • Portugal Euronext exchange
  • Sweden Nasdaq OMX_Stockholm Exchange
  • Danmark Nasdaq OMX_Copenhagen Exchange
  • Finland Nasdaq OMX_Helsinki Exchange
  • Norway Nasdaq OMX_Oslo Exchange
  • Canada Toronto Stock Exchange CFD price below 1
  • Canada Toronto Stock Exchange CFD price above 1
  • Canada Toronto TSX Venture Exchange CFD price below 1

Short selling

Benefit from falling markets by short selling a CFD

Research and analysis

Best-in-class research tools

Execution on Direct Market Access (DMA)

All orders on CFDs on single stock and ETFs are routed directly to regulated markets and other major liquidity venues via smart order routing.

Algo orders

If you have shares or bonds, you will be automatically eligible to use a percentage of your investment collateral to trade margin products, such as CFDs, futures and forex - all from your single multi-asset account.

Depth Trader

A 10-level book is available for short-term investors who want to join trading within the top order book. Available on the FLEXibility platform.

Risks related to investments in these products

All these products, like all derivate instruments, leverage with a higher risk of losing more than your deposit. Therefore, it is important to understand the products and the associated risks, use a moderate approach and keep sufficient collateral in the account when investing in them.




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