Mutual Funds

Get access to over 600 mutual funds, find the ones that best match your investment criteria and broaden your assets base.

Available for distribution to private and corporate clients domiciled in Switzerland (excluded clients managed by asset managers, individuals and corporate clients living abroad).

Fund inspiration

Get inspired and discover the difference between the available mutual funds.

Sectors and screeners

The tools that help you to navigate, filter and identify the mutual funds that best suit your investment strategy.

Managed and issued by professionals

Market leading asset management houses set out strategies for the fund and operate within the lines stated in the mandate of the fund.


Asset managers invest in different asset types, such as equities, bonds, commodities, cash, etc. depending on the fund's investment objective and sector designation.


Strategy mandate and risks are transparent. Key Information Document (KID), annual reports and prospectus are available to the investors.

Good to know before you invest

  • No streaming quotes, as funds are settled at the end of each trading day.
  • Orders are accepted on the amount (orders in units are currently not supported).
  • Off-exchange traded OTC through providers and transfer agents.

How do they work




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Frequently asked questions

How much are the management fees?

Each fund sets their own fees, which vary from one fund to another. Some funds have fees as low as 0.06%, whilst others may charge up to 2% or more depending on the strategy.

How long does the mutual funds settlement take?

Settlement of mutual fund orders is between 1 and 3 days, depending on the terms set by the Fund Manager.

How long do mutual funds take to sell? When can a mutual fund be redeemed?

The dealing frequency is set by the Fund Manager and may vary from one fund to another. Generally, redemption settlement is between 1 and 3 days, but clarification should be sought in the fund documents relating to each specific fund.

How mutual funds fees work?

Mutual funds will include the management fees in the NAV of the fund. The purpose of the fees is to cover the operating costs of the fund and the costs associated with managing the portfolio.

How many mutual funds and etfs are there?

In 2019 there were over 8,000 mutual funds registered, and over 5,000 exchange traded funds globally.