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Swiss, European, US stocks from just CHF/EUR 6 and USD 9* – with no custody fee.

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*Special terms and conditions apply. These fees only apply in the context of this promotion and only to registrations made via this page. The capital and private commission profiles are subject to minimum deposits of CHF 2,000 and CHF 75,000, respectively. The PRO/VIP commissions are subject to minimum trading volumes and frequencies. Contact our customer service for further information.
For new customers who open a trading account with us by the 30.4.2024. Exclusive conditions apply for stock purchases made by the 31.12.2024.


Click here to see all the standard fees of Cornèrtrader. Please note that this link will take you directly to the website cornertrader.ch, which shows the standard prices rather than those applicable to this promotion in relation to stock commissions.


Cornèrtrader can periodically and without prior notice:

- Review the accounts with Capital or PRO/VIP commissions and decide to apply standard conditions, if the trading or funding requirements are no longer met.

- Modify, review and/or add new commissions or fees. We therefore recommend that you regularly check this page and the trading conditions on the platform and refer exclusively to them for information on the current charges.