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AED: United Arab Emirates Dirham, MXN: Mexican Peso, AUD: Australian Dollar, NOK: Norwegian Krone, BHD: Bahraini Dinar, NZD: New Zealand Dollar, CAD: Canadian Dollar, OMR: Omani Rial, CHF: Swiss Franc, PLN: Poland Złoty, CZK: Czech Koruna, QAR: Qatari Rial, DKK: Danish Krone, RON: Romanian Leu, EUR: Euro, RUB: Russian Ruble, GBP: Pound Sterling, SAR: Saudi Riyal, HKD: Hong Kong Dollar, SEK: Sweden Krona, HUF: Hungarian Forint, SGD: Singapore Dollar, ILS: Israeli New Shekel, TRY: Turkish Lira, JOD: Jordanian Dinar, USD: United States Dollar, JPY: Japanese Yen, XAG: Silver Ounce, KWD: Kuwaiti Dinar, XAU: Gold Ounce, LTL: Lithuanian Litas, ZAR: South African Rand

Wechselkurse in Echtzeit auf einen Blick


Diese Tabelle zeigt die Geld- und Briefkurse der wichtigsten Währungspaare, die auf den Cornèrtrader-Plattformen gehandelt werden, in Echtzeit an.

Forex Spreads können grösser werden, falls weniger Liquidität in einem Währungspaar verfügbar ist oder wenn grosse Positionen gehandelt werden.

In extrem volatilen Märkten kann es zu Abweichungen kommen.

Die angegebene Sicherheitsmarge muss jederzeit verfügbar sein. Falls die Limits überschritten werden, kann es sein, dass alle Positionen geschlossen werden.

Frequently asked questions

Exchange Rate

An Exchange Rate is the price at which a country’s currency will be exchanged for another currency. It is also known as the relation between two different currencies and is determined by the Foreign Exchange Market.

The Forex Exchange Market

The Forex Exchange Market is where currencies are traded and where the values of the exchange rates are determined. Also known as “FOREX”, it is the marketplace for buying, selling, exchanging and speculating on currencies. It is considered to be the largest financial market in the world and its participants are mainly international banks, investment management firms, hedge funds, brokers and investors. The forex market allows for trading in high amounts and has therefore several benefits for currency investors who are looking to optimize their profit. It is open 24 hours a day, except on weekends, which means that investors are able to act at any time. This makes it very appealing for those going to school or work during the daytime. The Forex is unique for its opening hours, its trading volume size, the number of participants, the ease of investing and the accessibility to the market. Further benefits are the limited rules: no clearing houses, no central bodies that supervise the market and, last but not least, no financial transaction tax to pay.

What are bid, ask and Forex spread?

When currencies are converted, the “ask” (or buy rate) is the price of buying a currency, whereas the “bid” (or sell rate) is the price of selling a currency for another. The ask rate is always higher. This means you will always buy a currency at a higher price than when selling it. The difference between the amount of the ask price and the bid price is called “bid-ask spread” and equals the difference between the price of a currency when being bought and the price when being sold. The gap that arises from these two transactions, represents the profit of the dealer.