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Trading conditions for
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Currency conversion rates

Currency conversions of trading costs, as well as profits and losses from trading activities, are executed at the mid-FX Spot rate plus/minus 0.5%.

Market trading hours

You can trade funds online at any time. Funds are forward-priced and execution only occurs at the next available valuation point for the fund.

Margin requirements

No margin is required when buying CFD options (puts and calls). The premium is paid as soon as the position is opened, as for listed options, and is deducted from your account balance.

Strikes, expiry and settlement

Available strikes will be +/- 25% from “at the money” and are reset daily, with up to 90 days’ maturity. All expiries are cash settled, based on the underlying settlement price.

Minimum trade amount

Trades cannot be executed below the minimum trade threshold. Full information can be found on the platform under Trading conditions.

Order types

We support Market Orders, Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC) Market Orders, IOC Limit Orders, Stop Orders and Stop Limit Orders. Learn more about order types in Know-how (Tutorials)

Currency conversion rates

Currency conversions of trading costs, as well as profits and losses from trading activities, are executed at the mid-FX Spot rate plus/minus 0.5%.

Administrative charges

Administrative charges may apply in addition to fees


Cornèrtrader can periodically and without prior notice:

- Review the accounts with Capital or PRO/VIP commissions and decide to apply standard conditions, if the trading or funding requirements are no longer met.

- Modify, review and/or add new commissions or fees. We therefore recommend that you regularly check this page and the trading conditions on the platform and refer exclusively to them for information on the current charges.

Frequently asked questions

How and where can I find the best financial researches on the web?

By opening a real account with Cornèrtrader, you’ll be able to access a wide variety of market researches and financial analyses which can help you build your trading strategy. You’ll also be able to take advantage of training material, which you can use to best evaluate your action plans for tackling the financial markets.

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Who provides valid/good financial researches?

As a Cornèrtrader client, you’ll have access to financial analyses, market commentaries and research covering a large number of financial instruments, including medium and big-cap stocks, indexes, currencies and commodities. You’ll also have the following benefits at your fingertips:

    • Twice daily bulletin updates – the first goes out when the market opens in the morning and the second in the afternoon.

    • Short, medium and long-term trading signals on more than 700 financial products, including Forex, indexes, stocks and commodities – all accessible from the platforms.

    • A choice of multiple user languages: German, English, French and Italian.

    • Trading events including webinars, seminars and workshops where you’ll receive further insights into the world of trading that you can implement in your current and future investment strategies.

What is/are the best financial research/market insights?

With Cornèrtrader, you’ll receive daily trading signals (twice a day: in the morning and early afternoon), which will help you to build your strategy in an increasingly thorough and effective way.

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In addition, Cornèrtrader allows you to access continuously updated financial researches and market analyses that are based on three main types of analysis:

      • Fundamental analysis

      • Technical analysis

      • Momentum-based analysis

More about free financial researches in our iCornèr App