Cornèr Bank at a Glance

Choose a Partner You Can Count On

At Cornèr, all our solutions and services are built on a foundation of proven strength:

  • We’re one of Switzerland’s soundest banks.
  • All clients are guaranteed a fund protection of up to 100,000 CHF.
  • We’re a member of Esisuisse depositor protection scheme.
  • We deliver more than 60 years of financial and customer focus.

Our Story by the Numbers

The combined strength of the Cornèr Bank Group is reflected in our key figures:

(million CHF)201520142015 vs. 2014
Total assets 6'530.9  6'430.2 1.6%
Customer deposits 4'845.4 4'531.4 6.9%
Customer lendings 2'997.1 2'921.1 2.6%
Shareholders' equity 958.5 931.9  2.9%
Net income 372.2 371.9 0.1%
Operating expenses - 283.2 - 279.4 1.4%
Value adjustments on participations and depreciation and amortisation of tangible fixed assets and intangible assets - 31.1 - 31.2 - 0.5%
Changes to provisions and other value adjustments, and losses 6.2 2.0 204.1%
Operating result 64.1 63.3 1.3%
Extraordinary income 0.7 0.7  
Taxes - 14.0 - 13.3  
Group profit 50.8 50.7 0.2%


We are a highly accountable and knowledgeable provider of access to international financial markets. Through understanding and caring for our clients’ needs we offer a world leading platform and service to investors and traders, thereby facilitating success for all stakeholders.

A Family of Brands and Services

Through its family of brands and services, Cornèr serves a full range of client types including private, commercial and institutional clients, along with financial intermediaries. Our well-respected branded offerings include:

  • Cornèr Bank
  • Cornèrcard
  • CornèrTrader